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Resource Request Form

Teachers must be a member of the PTO in order to submit a resource request. All requests must be submitted one week prior to the monthly board meeting at which you wish to have your request considered. When submitted, a copy of this form is sent to the PTO as well as the principals of both TVM and TVP. Please exhaust all other options for covering the expenditures (see Should I submit a resource request section below) and review any resource requests with your principal prior to better ensure timely approval. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any board member. Thank you!

Should I submit a resource request:

  1. Is this something that the district cover the expense? If yes, do not submit. If no,
  2. Is this something that could be pooled with other teachers of the same grade or school? If yes, submit as a group request with the other teachers. If no,
  3. Is this something another teacher from another grade or even the other school have available and not using? If yes, do not submit a request. If no, submit a resource request.

Please Note: Items purchased by the PTO, belong to the school. If a staff member leaves Tukes, the items funded by PTO must stay with the school.

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